Sweet Fantasy Of A Girl

Hey NailartLovelies, I hope you all are doing well 🙂 Let’s get started with a beautiful form of Nailart decor. And I bet the result is marvelous & gonna make you mad & looks super chik on any nail size, type!

All you are gonna need is: Glitter Polish, Pink/White/Dull purple polish.

 First of all,apply a super thin coat of Glitter Polish on all fingers except Ring finger. Wait for half a min to let it become semi dry or dry.

Next is Creating Pink Petals, for that take a pink nailpolish & draw 3 petals in any of the bottom corner of nail.

Third step is, put some dots where the petals conjunct.

Last and important step is, Sealing this beautiful pattern with Lakmé Top Coat or whichever you use.Nailart

This Nailart is super easy & quick and best thing about it is its perfect for any occasion.
So, try it beautiful ladies & do let me know the results via posting images !

Post your queries below in the comment section !

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So that’s it for today,

Stay tuned for more collection of my own trendy yet super chik nailart tutorials that are easy to wear.


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